In North Carolina, mediation is mandatory for property division and child custody cases. In most cases, an experienced lawyer of retired judge attempts to settle the legal issues that arose from the marriage. The benefit of mediation is that the parties can save time and money and avoid the cost of witnesses and the expense of trial. The mediator explores risks, encourages common sense and uses strategies that are often times used by a Judge in deciding how issues should best be settled.

Typically, both parties list their personal and financial assets and provide tax records and other financial documents prior to mediation. The more prepared someone is, the more likely they are to achieve an outcome they can live with. The mediator is independent and doesn't take sides through the process, but does express opinions as to when someone is unrealistic, stubborn or looking for solutions the law won't allow.

While mediators are neutral, they can share their professional opinions and can express the thoughts on possible outcomes. Typically, the parties never sit in the same room, unless they choose to and the process takes about a half a day to a full day, depending on the issues being discussed.

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